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Posted:July 10 2014

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Springwater Fire & Emergency Services have been exclusively utilizing KENWOOD mobile and portable radios for nine years – 17 mobile units and upwards of 40+ portables.

We have found the radio equipment as provided by KENWOOD meets all requirements of Ontario Fire Service Section 21 Advisory Committee Firefighters Guidance Note # 2-3:

  • Intrinsically safe radio ensembles
  • Ease of operation in full PPE
  • Multiple frequency (talk group) capabilities that enable effective fire ground communications
  • Features that may safeguard against accidental shut off or accidental channel changes
  • Durable (resistance from damage due to water, chemicals, rough handling, temperature extremes)
  • May-Day feature that provides instant notification to the fire ground when a firefighter(s) is in distress.

The equipment works flawlessly and stands up to everything that we can put it through. Should the radio(s) succumb to injury, our service provider has qualified technicians and is very expedient in making repairs. Our down-time on repair is very low and we are very pleased with the results.