Jamie Coutts

Posted:July 10 2014

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2014 – Here we are 3 years after a wildfire burns out 40% of the Town of Slave Lake. Recovery is ongoing, and we are coming back stronger than ever. The fire service has seen many changes, including Firesmart programming, new equipment and added responsibilities. Kenwood Canada is one company that came to our assistance in our time of need. Our local supplier, Direct Current, put us in contact with Kenwood Canada. One requirement was very clear – we needed to build and enhance our communication network. Without hesitation, Kenwood Canada sent us twelve (12) brand new NEXEDGE digital portable radios, chargers, and extra batteries. After programming and user training, they were put to use in our firefighting operations and search and rescue program. Thanks to Kenwood Canada and our local distributor, our communications are better than ever.

2011 – I wanted to take a minute and write to the people that worked together to donate the radio equipment to the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service. During the fires that burned and destroyed hundreds of homes in the Town of Slave Lake and Municipal District, 124 of our people used Kenwood radios exclusively. Over the last several years we have purchased many Kenwood products and have always had great performance and reliability. Through superior design and technology, along with incredible support from our dealer, we have realized our dream of having a radio communication system that we can be proud of. By adding NEXEDGE portables and mobiles to our fleet of radios our members can now feel confident moving to the digital age of radios.