Leigh Pearson

Posted:July 10 2014

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Vernon Search & Rescue have been using Kenwood radios for over 12 years and are truly impressed with the quality and reliability of the product.

When Kenwood first introduced the automatic GPS positioning feature in their radios, the Vernon Search & Rescue team was among the first teams in Canada to start using the feature to keep track of our members in the field. With the GPS tracking we are now able to keep tabs on all our members and know where they are at all times, very comforting for the search management team.

These GPS equipped radios have also played an important part in saving the lives of lost or injured persons in the back country of British Columbia. On one night during a blinding snowstorm, we were able to guide our team to within 25 feet of a badly injured snowmobiler and then guide them back out to safety.

When other Search & Rescue teams ask what kind of radio equipment do we recommend, the answer is one simple word, KENWOOD.