Eurêka Search & Rescue Awarded $10,000 KENWOOD Cares Grant for Critical Communications Equipment 

Eurêka Search & Rescue Awarded $10,000 KENWOOD Cares Grant for Critical Communications Equipment 

– JVCKENWOOD Canada Inc. is proud to announce Eurêka Search & Rescue, a dedicated organization serving the Mauricie/Centre-du-Quebec region, has been selected as the latest recipient of the KENWOOD Cares $10,000 communications equipment grant.

Established in 2010, Eurêka Search & Rescue operates across a vast territory spanning over 47,000 square kilometres, with 37,000 square kilometres covered by dense forests. The organization plays a crucial role in search and rescue efforts, often operating in areas where traditional cellular coverage is not feasible.

“Eurêka Search and Rescue is truly honored to have been selected as the 2023 recipient of the KENWOOD Cares communication system support grant,” said Pierre Vallée, Founding President, Eurêka Search & Rescue. “We can never express enough gratitude to JVCKENWOOD Canada for this unexpected gift. Our Search and Rescue team will now be equipped with state-of-the-art communication gear, which is essential for our missions.”

“We extend a special thank you to Mr. Eric Lanthier from JVCKENWOOD Canada for the judicious advice in selecting the right equipment for our tasks,” continued Vallée. “Our gratitude also goes to Groupe CLR for their technical support and installation of the mobile radio in our team vehicle.”

Working closely under the direction of Securité Civile du Quebec and in collaboration with various police forces, Eurêka Search & Rescue is committed to ensuring the safety of individuals in distress. Communication is paramount in the success of their operations, and this grant will significantly enhance their capabilities.

After several application submissions, Eurêka Search & Rescue was chosen as the deserving recipient of the $10,000 grant. Prior to this support, the organization relied on a mixture of radios, some of which were not as reliable as needed for their demanding missions.

“Volunteer organizations are the backbone of our communities, Eurêka Search & Rescue being no exception,” said Wilf Mulder, Vice President, Safety & Security Division at JVCKENWOOD Canada. “We commend them for their dedication and commitment in providing a critical community service, and with this we are pleased to support them with a KENWOOD Cares grant, providing communications equipment to enable their team to focus on their work.”

Eurêka Search & Rescue

Eurêka Search & Rescue

The KENWOOD Cares grant has provided Eurêka Search & Rescue with a state-of-the-art base station for their command post, facilitating the expansion of communication coverage in search areas. Additionally, the grant includes NEXEDGE series portable radios for the search and rescue team. These radios are not only lightweight and efficient but, most importantly, offer reliable communication.

The KENWOOD radio equipment has been configured by the team at Groupe CLR based in Trois-Rivières.

“Groupe CLR is honoured to support Eurêka Search & Rescue as the KENWOOD Cares grant recipient. We recognize the pivotal role it will play in enhancing their communication capabilities and ultimately contributing to the success of search and rescue operations,” said Jean-François Ducharme, Chief Executive Officer, Groupe CLR.

Applications are open for the KENWOOD Cares grant program. JVCKENWOOD Canada will again be awarding another Canadian volunteer emergency organization with a communication system support grant valued at $10,000 in equipment. The submission deadline is December 29, 2023. For full details, please visit



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About Eurêka Search & Rescue 

Established in 2010 in Mauricie, Eurêka Search and Rescue is a non-profit organization bringing together over 45 volunteer members who participate in the search and rescue of missing or lost persons, in addition to providing training to the public. Besides its ground search team, the organization also has a canine unit as well as search units on ATVs and snowmobiles. Since its formation, Eurêka has been involved in over 75 search operations, both in Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, as well as elsewhere in the province. For more information, visit

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