A communication system support grant valued at $10,000 in equipment (Kenwood only) before taxes. Each grant, awarded to winning volunteer organization applicants, is unique to the organization’s communications requirements. We understand the enormous value these organizations provide to their community and, as a manufacturer, we recognize these organizations, their hardships, and award their ongoing community efforts. With limited budgets available to secure vital equipment, for example, radio communications, the KENWOOD CARES initiative will provide much needed tools to these volunteers so they can focus on their day to day activity and continued service to their communities.

Who’s Eligible?

Canadian volunteer organizations with limited funding that play an important role in their communities.

  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Search & Rescue
  • Highway Rescue
  • Red Cross
  • Other organizations with community service mandate
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What our customers are saying.

This up-to-date equipment has made many of the operational tasks much easier.

Duane Young, Nanaimo Search & Rescue

Chief of Operations

Cet équipement à jour a facilité beaucoup de tâches opérationnelles. Merci à Kenwood.

Duane Young, Nanaimo Search & Rescue

Chief of Operations

The increased capability of the radios increased the effectiveness of crews on scene tenfold.

John Moore, Eagle Valley Rescue

Vice President & Crew Chief

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How the Community Grant Program Works

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Terms & Conditions

To be eligible and considered for a grant from the KENWOOD CARES program, the intended organization must be operating in Canada and be a non-profit organization or charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Each applicant is required to fill out KENWOOD CARES application and provide additional documentation and essay to convey organizational need for communications equipment. Each applicant must have an established track record of success or potential for success in line with Kenwood’s mandate to recognize volunteer organizations and the impact they have on their communities including organizations such as Volunteer Fire Departments, Search & Rescue, Highway Rescue, Red Cross and other organizations with a community service mandate. Each application must include audited financial statements for the organization.

Although there is a need for radio communications in many fields, we will not provide communications equipment to a) individuals, b) athletics c) for-profit organizations, d) organizations that discriminate by race, creed, gender, age or national origin, e) political activities and organizations or f) religious or sectarian organizations.

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